Web Site Maintenance

If you have website, you have to maintenance your website. Without maintenance your website will be looser. So that it is most impotent for all kind of website.
Our Website Maintenance service allow you to outsource some or all aspects of the daily work you need to follow to maintain your website.Our team of professional designers, programmers and HTML programmers can bring extensive experience to your company and your web site. We are also specialized in:

• Product maintenance
Many of our customers list the products on their websites, we can do without adding, editing and deleting products. With a simple email a product can be added, modified or removed in a few hours.

• Content management
We can manage the contents of your sites for you. Simply send us what you want and where you want and our team will prepare it in a moment.

• SEO implementation
There are many companies that offer performance reports and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) suggestions, we can implement them professionally and quickly.

• The site moves
Moving your site or changing it to a new one presents a number of problems, we can help you move your site or publish a new one with minimal effort.

• Payment service problems
Many sites accept payment through a third-party payment system. These systems change frequently, update or add new features, we can even help you switch to a new provider.

Why Zeropoint Computing For website maintenance

1. We have good and qualified developer.
2. We can fix bug of website.
3. We can design, develop and maintenance of your site.
4. We have web security expert.
5. Reasonable price but best quality service